Introducing Leo’s self-composed song “In the cold night” during HEX SIGN



Leo: It’s a song about a man’s feelings after he broke up. It’s not something I went through though (laughs)
Fans: Eyyyyyyyy~
Leo: For real (laughs)
N: Maybe subconsciously?
Leo: …. (glares)
N: Okay~


Leo: I’m thankful because Ken sang it so well.
Ravi: What was it about?
Fan: (shouts) From experience!
Leo: (laughs) No, it’s not from experience
Fans: Eyyyyyyyyy~
Leo: I based it off of Ravi’s experience
Members: Ohhhhhh (to Ravi) you broke up?
Ravi: You’re… targeting me?
N: Ya what are you doing here and there?
Ravi: W-what is this?
Ken: I’ll use your experience too!
Ravi: What are you talking about?!


Leo: For the song.. I think I wrote about Ravi’s story
Ravi: After you were successful once (during middle concert)….. I’m going to say Secret Night is your story then!
Fans: (screams) Kyahhhhh!
Hongbin: He’s speechless (laughs)
Hyuk: The minimum age for this concert is 7…
Hongbin: Yeah, you have to be careful!
Ravi: The entire Secret Night is possible
N: Yep!


MBC ‘Boarding House No.24’ Press Conference 140919V Plant do not edit


MBC ‘Boarding House No.24’ Press Conference 140919
V Plant do not edit

jaehwan’s aegyo ft. an embarrassed bean

 (╯°□°)╯︵ ʞıɥsuoʍ (click here for full size gif)

jeans model hyuk… o<—-<


leo putting flour on hongbin’s shirt ouo

taekwoon in vixx tv2 teaser (ver. 1)